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Address: 5433 Monroe Street, Toledo, OH 43623



Tuesday-Friday: 10am-6pm

Saturday: 9am-3pm

Phone: (419) 885-9442

A Little About Our Company

We have been serving our Eston's gourmet desserts to the Toledo area since 1987! All of our products are made in our local Toledo bakery facility and sold at our retail store on Monroe Street. We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality and natural ingredients like fresh cream, rich Belgian chocolate, and real fruits. We specialize in dessert style cakes, cupcakes, and cheesecakes and are a proud family owned small business for the greater Sylvania and Toledo area. We are also a certified kosher bakery! 

Some of Our Achievements

America Towns Media listed Eston’s Bakery as one of The 10 Best Bakeries in Ohio.

Mental Floss chose our Strawberries ‘n Cream cake as The Best Cake in Ohio.

We have received the Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Chamber Champion Award.

Toledo Parent News has listed Eston’s Bakery as The Best Place to Buy a Cake.

Toledo City Paper listed owner Tony Esterson as Best Pastry Chef.

We have been chosen several times for Wedding Wire’s Couple's Choice Award.

Eston’s is part of The Knot’s Best of Wedding Cakes from 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022, & 2024 and is also in The Knot Hall of Fame.

A Little About Our Owners

Tony and Janeen are married and run Eston's Bakery together. They continue to provide the Toledo area with amazing desserts.


Chef Anthony Esterson is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Shortly after graduating, he moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Toledo, Ohio. Growing up, his parents owned a pizzeria in Fort Wayne, Indiana. So naturally, food became his passion. Watching his parents work the pizzeria is a huge reason he aspired to own his business. He began his Eston's journey by selling cheesecake on a stick in a kiosk in the Franklin Park Mall before acquiring his own baking facility. Over the years, he met Janeen and grew the business. He created more and more dessert recipes and to this day, every recipe used in Eston's products is created by Tony.


Janeen is a graduate from Tiffin University in Tiffin, Ohio. Shortly after graduating she moved to Toledo to start working downtown for a large accounting firm. After meeting Tony she took on a career shift and helped grow Eston's to the company it is today. Janeen used her previous business skills and applied them to the bakery. She had also taught herself to decorate cakes from around the age of 10 and loved decorating cakes for her family growing up. So, Janeen's artistic talent with an icing bag mixed with Tony's recipes helped create the Eston's products you know and love. She has also created all of the cake and wedding cake designs you see in Eston's today.

"Not Just Cake... It's Dessert!"

Why this slogan? This phrase was created by Tony when he opened Eston's and has been our slogan ever since! We really feel like this phrase perfectly embodies what Eston's is all about. Why do we get dessert? It could be to celebrate an occasion. Or because the family is coming together for dinner. Or it could just be because you could use a pick-me-up. Whatever the reason, dessert plays such a large role in our lives. It keeps things sweet (pun intented) and allows us to be closer to the ones we love. So when you get something from Eston's, you're not just getting a cake... you're getting dessert, which is much more special.

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Phone: (419) 885-9442

Email: customerservice@estonsbakery.com

Wedding Email: estonsweddings@gmail.com

Social Media: Facebook/Instagram @estonsbakery