"Not Just Cake...
It's Dessert!"

See below how you can get a free 6” cake for your one year anniversary!

Here at Eston's the focus is on quality and taste. We use natural ingredients, like fresh eggs and cream, real fruit, nuts, and chocolates and all of our products are prepared locally at our own Toledo bakery. Our dessert style wedding cakes are sure to be a hit at your reception!

***Please note that we kindly ask all customers to refrain from stopping into our store to ask about wedding details without a scheduled appointment. This is to be sure that we have a member of wedding staff available to help you when you stop by. We also have our designated wedding email ( that can be used anytime for questions you may have. Thank you and we appreciate your cooperation!***

Scheduling Your Cake Tasting

We are signing contracts for 2024 and beyond! We recommend planning early to ensure we are available for your special day.

To schedule a tasting, all we need is some basic information about your wedding to confirm availability for your date and location. Then we can set up a date and time for you to pick up a complimentary "Cake Tasting Assortment".  Your bag will come with samples of all of our cake flavors and it will include all of our wedding package information/pricing.  They are packaged up for you to take and taste in the comfort of your own home!

Then you can decide to sign a contract to book your wedding cake with Eston's Bakery!  We send our contracts via email so everything can be done digitally.

Please feel free to email us at and we will let you know the next steps.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Selecting Your Cake Package

Eston's Bakery offers 5 choices of wedding cake sizes. They are...

Single Tier "Posh"

2 Tier "Classic"

3 Tier "Contemporary"

3 Tier "Traditional"

4 Tier "Grand"

Each of these sizes provide a certain amount of cake servings. Whatever servings are not met through the tiered cake will be made up for in what we call "Kitchen Cakes".

Kitchen Cakes:  These are iced but non-decorated cakes to provide additional servings that are kept out of sight and usually in the kitchen (hence the name). They are the same quality as the cake you take pictures with and look identical to your decorated cake on a plate. (So your guests won't know the difference!) Our kitchen cakes are also the same height as your wedding cake unlike traditional sheet cakes. Kitchen cakes are $35 each and provide 25 servings (only $1.40 per slice). For example, let's say you have 200 guests and you want the 3 Tier "Contemporary" cake package. The tiered cake only provides 75 servings. To get up to 200, you will need 5 kitchen cakes (125 servings).


All 5 of our wedding cake packages and wedding cupcake/cheesecake packages are shown in the charts below with example servings sizes and prices.


Free 6 inch Cake For Your First Anniversary When You Book With Us!

We love being able to be a part of your special day and we appreciate you! So, to receive your free 6” cake for your one year anniversary, you first need to book your wedding cake with us and sign a wedding cake contract. (This promotion is not eligible for orders made off of our retail menu.) Then about a week or so before your first anniversary, give us a call at (419) 885-9442 to place the order for your 6” cake. While ordering, please specify what flavor you would like and be sure to mention that you are redeeming your free anniversary cake from your wedding. Once that is verified, you should be all set to pick-up your free 6” cake for you and your sweetheart to enjoy on your very first wedding anniversary!

Our Signature Cake Flavors

Strawberries ’n Cream - Eston’s White Cake, layers of fresh strawberry puree and strawberry mousse, iced in buttercream

Chocolate Supreme - Eston’s Chocolate Cake, layers of rich fudge and chocolate ganache mousse, iced in buttercream

Lemon Berry - Eston’s White Cake, layers of lemon raspberry curd and lemon mousse, iced in buttercream.

White Chocolate Silk - Eston’s White Cake, layers of white chocolate ganache and white chocolate mousse, iced in buttercream.

Chocolate Raspberry - Eston’s Chocolate Cake, layers of fresh raspberry puree and raspberry mousse, iced in buttercream.

Key Lime - Eston’s White Cake, layers of key lime curd and key lime mousse, iced in buttercream.

Raspberry Royale - Eston’s White Cake, layers of fresh raspberry puree and raspberry mousse, iced in buttercream.

Almond Zebra - Eston’s Chocolate Cake, layers of almond marzipan filling and almond mousse, iced in buttercream.

Black & White - Eston's White Cake, layers of rich fudge and chocolate ganache mousse, iced in buttercream.

Tiramisu - Eston's White Cake, layers of rich fudge and sweet chocolate filling, coffee mousse, iced in buttercream.

Our Wedding Cake Designs

We currently offer several designs to choose from, examples of which can be found below. Our signature designs are:

Horizon Waves, Swirls, Semi-Naked, No Design, Single Dot, Wedding Dress, Wedding Cloud, Cascade, Wedding Bands, Large Rose Swirls

**Please note that all flowers and cake accessories in the pictures below are not provided by Eston's.**

Hover or click on photo for design information.


We have been fans of Eston’s for years. I had my wedding cake from them this weekend and it was incredible! Guests who don’t even like wedding cake, said they had two pieces. They were professionals throughout their hr entire process. I can’t recommend them enough.

Kelly Schoettley Sprader

I can’t overemphasize how good Eston’s cakes and cupcakes taste. We’ve been coming here for a few years and purchased a cake and cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday again this weekend. Unbelievably good!

Jenny Doughty

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