Products & Orders

All of our products contain fresh and perishable ingredients that require them to be refrigerated. Our cakes, cupcakes, and cheesecakes all have some sort of fresh mousse or topping that can be perishable if not kept refrigerated.

While preording your cake is highly recommended by the Eston's team, we do carry some cakes ready to go in the store. In-store we only carry the 8" round size cake in our three most popular flavors (Strawberries 'n Cream, Chocolate Supreme, and Lemon Berry) and they are predecorated with our signature Rose Swirls design with coordinating colors to the flavor. However, preordering your cake is the only way to guarantee your specific size and flavor.

Yes, all of our signature cakes have three layers of fresh mousse and filling in between the layers of white or chocolate cake.

We always carry some stock of our desserts in-store at our retail location. In-store we only offer our 8" round cake size in our three most popular flavors (Strawberries 'n Cream, Chocolate Supreme, and Lemon Berry). We also carry stock of all of our cupcakes, mini cupcake samplers, as well as our Personal Box Cakes in all of our cake flavors. The cakes kept in the store are predecorated with our signature Rose Swirls design with coordinating colors with the flavor.

Three business days is the amount of time needed for us to guarantee that we have the size, flavor, and amount of dessert that you are looking for since we only keep a small amount of dessert in stock. Most sizes and flavors are made to order.

Since our cakes are considered gourmet dessert-style cakes with fresh ingredients, they require refrigeration. Due to the condensation that occurs while in the fridge, colored icings can end up bleeding the food coloring which can leave the top of your cake a mess. To avoid this, we decided to not write on our cakes in icing.

Keeping our products in the freezer instead of the refrigerater allows for maximum freshness for extended periods of time. This is especially important when driving your desserts home. Having them be extra cold means that they will last that much longer in the car ride home and have less chances for mishaps to occur should you have to make a sharp turn or slam on the breaks. We want your desserts to make it home in the best shape possible.

All of our cake servings depend on how large you like your cake slices. The following are approximations. Our Personal Box Cakes are a single serving. Our 6" cake serves 6+. Our 8" cake serves 8+. Our 10" cake serves 14+. Our 1/2 sheet cake serves 30+.

If you have leftover cake and plan to eat it within the next couple days, we recommend covering the exposed cake with some plastic wrap so it does not dry out and just keeping the cake in its box in the fridge. If you don't plan on eating the leftovers within the next couple days, we recommend completely wrapping the cake and putting it in the freezer. Cupcakes can be kept in their packaging in the fridge for a few days but should be put in the freezer if they're expected to be there for an extended period of time. Same general rule applies for cheesecake.

Unfortunately our products are not gluten free or keto friendly.

Yes, we are a certified kosher bakery!

Yes, there are strawberry and raspberry seeds in the mousses and toppings that are strawberry/raspberry flavored. This is because we use all natural products and include the use of the real fruits in our mousses and toppings.

We do work in a facility with peanuts and tree nuts, however we are especially cautious when it comes to cross-contamination. The only products that definitely contain nuts are the Buckeye cupcake, Buckeye cheesecake, and Almond Zebra cake. We do advise some caution though when consuming our mini gourmet cupcake samplers, mini cheesecake cupcake samplers, and 8" cheesecake samplers in which Buckeye is one of the flavors in the sampler. We are extra careful to not touch the flavors together however they do share the same packaging as the rest of the flavors.


Weekends are getting booked left and right with weddings. Waiting until the last minute to book your wedding cake could possibly mean Eston's not being available for your special day or not being able to deliver to your venue.

We no longer do in-person cake tastings and consultations at our retail storefront. We instead offer a free Cake Tasting Assortment which is a take-home bag of cake samples. More information on these can be found on the Weddings page.

Yes, we deliver wedding cakes to several venue locations. However, guarantee of delivery depends on your specific wedding location and date. We also offer a pick-up option where the wedding cake is picked up from our retail store location.

You can choose as many or as little flavors as you like. If you'd like every tier to be a different flavor, go for it! If you want them all to be the same, that's also fine! The most common and recommended amount is two flavors.

All pricing details and examples can be found on our Weddings page. We have charts listed with our different packages and prices.